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Fifteen apartments of various sizes perfect for your relaxing holidays


The hospitality is offered in apartments of different typology that are exclusive and pleasant residences, independent one from another, made with chestnut beam ceilings and terracotta-tiled floors.

The furniture has been treated in the respect of the country tradition also maintaining high standards of comfort.

All apartments are equipped with heating, sat TV, telephone, fly screens and safe. Some apartments are also provided with a fireplace.

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Romitorio di Serelle
A Medieval Hermitage in the Chianti

The History

The word “Romitorio” comes from “romito” that is hermit, solitary person devoting himself to the meditation and to the prayer. The Romitorio is therefore a silent and secluded place where you can breathe peace and serenity.

In ancient times, the “Romitorio di Serelle” was actually an ancient hermitage placed on the way toward the Benedictine monastery of Camaldoli and it represented a pleasant refreshment stopover for the pilgrims on the road.
The oldest part of the construction dates back to the medieval period, around 1100, and it was completed in 1400.
The location of the suburb was strategically very important as it was placed between the territories of Siena and Florence and in the proximities of the "Via Francigena".


In the XIII century the hermitage was under the political protection of Florence but with the development of the small village of Castellina the control of the monks went more and more decreasing.
In the XV century it was enlarged and fortified to be defended by the free companies who ruled in the area, but from the XVI century a slow decline began and the monks abandoned the complex, by then crushed by the expansion of the ordinary citizens.

Since then up to our days the suburb was the residence of countless families of farmers.
In 1988 Family Folonari buys the farm Santedame, and so also the suburb, belonging to the grounds of the estate.
Since 1998 the Romitorio belongs to Banti Family.

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